Tim founded Film Systems International, Inc. (1994)

Writer/Director/Producer/Actor. Tim is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and has more than a few movies to his credit. Tim's ambition for film came at an early age. Tim, (8 years old) was making thrillers on his 8mm movie camera and charging admission to the kids in his neighborhood which they viewed at a theatre, he set up in his basement with folding chairs and a 6 foot screen. At 13, he shot a film for a school project called the “Terror Of Christmas,” which received a standing ovation of over a hundred people. Tim had the drive then and kept it going. Tim’s inspirations were Boris Karloff, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Robert Shaw and Sergio Leone. At 18, he started working professionally as a stunt man and photographic stunt double for John Schneider, Bo Duke, on the TV series "Dukes Of Hazard". Tim continued his career as an actor/stuntman doing feature films such as, “Under Siege,” “Stroker Ace,” “ Sharkys Machine” and “Six Pack” are some of the films he worked on. He has also produced and directed commercial videos. Tim studied drama at the University of South Alabama and attended the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre and various stunt workshops. Tim's lifelong dream was to produce feature films, which he has achieved. Tim has worked with talent such as, Burt Reynolds, Steven Segal, Ned Beatty, Tommy Lee Jones, Dom DeLuise, Gary Busey and the stuntman/director Hal Needham. Tim's determination and passion combined with collaborative efforts, will make any feature with FSI, Inc. become a reality.

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